Every child has this unique gift of creativity in them. Children have different learning styles and the sooner we discover it the better. Having a creative design based program for all students that involves 3D animation allows them to express their creative freedom in designing the model based of their imagination.


Our Objective

  • To expose children to the world of 3D Animation
  • Provide an avenure for children to express their creativity
  • Provide opportunities to unlock children's hidden talents
  • To inculcate in children the value of teamwork

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum focus on expanding the imagination and creativity of the children which includes:

  • Thematic based interactive 3D Design
  • Collaborative effort required in design process
  • Teaching of IT technologies such as the 3D printer
  • Use of 3D Animation Software

Our Mission

  • Provide opportunity to unlock children's hidden designing talents
  • Instil animation knowledge through fun and innovative programmes
  • Impact lifelong designing and creativity knowledge
  • Create and strengthen partnership network throught creating, applying and transferring Animation knowledge with cooperative partners

About Us

Cyberland International Pte Ltd (Cyberland) was established in 1996 in support to the Government’s emphasis in the use of Information Technology (IT) to promote creativity, innovation and lifelong learning. The initial setup of the Company was to provide IT training services to educational institutions.

Since then, Cyberland International Pte Ltd has established another three companies in Singapore - Cyberland International Education Centre, Cyberland Consultancy Pte Ltd and Centre for Learning & Training Pte Ltd.

These three companies, together with Cyberland International Pte Ltd, formed the Cyberland Group. The Group expanded its service beyond IT training to Providing IT Solution, Education Outsourcing Service and Education Immersion Programme.

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