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A Bluetooth device comprises of wireless barcode scanner with a thermo-sensor and flash light.
The process of attendance and visual detection of symptoms of illnesses for most administrators in Singapore is mainly a manual process. By automating this process, the administrator’s workload can be reduced in order to better focus on the person’s development.

An automated process will also lead to an increase in productivity, reduce human error as well as accurate security tracking and data analysis with the help of our online Attendance and Communication Management System (ACMS).

Features & Specifications

The Bluetooth device comprises of wireless barcode scanner with a thermo-sensor and flash light. These technologies are used to identify and record the person’s attendance and symptoms tracking. The data are then automatically captured into the ACMS.A flashlight is also incorporated in the device for visual checking of symptoms of potential disease such as Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) if needed.


Market Trends & Opportunities​

Education Institutions to automate the process of recording the students’ attendance and tracking their symptom conditions.

Military - It captures military personnel and visitors sign-in/sign-out records as well as tracking their symptom conditions.

Construction Site where workers’ health at the time of reporting to work is very important. Preventing sick workers from working will help to reduce accidents and their location can be traced and recorded for future review.


Potential Application

In the event of outbreaks of infectious diseases such as Hand, Foot and Mouth Diseases, it is a health regulatory requirement for all educational and corporate institutions to closely monitor and track the person’s health status.

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