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Junior Engineers @ Work

Explore the world of engineering through robotics

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Through Junior Engineers @ Work, children will be able to explore the world of engineering, allowing them to capitalize on their problem-solving skills. Children will be able to have a hands-on experience by constructing and programming the Robotics models that they have created. The program encompasses core subjects such as Language, Mathematics and Science as well as introduces elements of Engineering and Technology to the young learners​


  • Encourage creative thinking to construct working models

  • Enhance vocabulary and communication skills to explain how the models work

  • Inculcate in children the value of teamwork

  • Present creative stories using models for visual and dramatic effects


  • Enhances the eye-hand coordination based on the development  

  • Learning science creatively from "Getting Started Parts"

  • Engaged young learners in content creation, collaboration, communication, community building and choices to conduct creative stories using models for visual and dramatic effects

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