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Student Data Management System

Student Data Management System (SDMS) caters to student data and result analysis needs
Student Data Management System (SDMS) caters to the needs of student data and result analysis needs. Besides capturing student information from School Cockpit, it completes by allowing details not available in School Cockpit to be added. With students’ results entered by the staff either directly and/ or uploaded into the system, it is able to provide various result analysis reports according to the school's needs.​

Results can then be exported to other systems such as the School Cockpit and/or files in csv, xls or txt formats.



Student Profiling

Includes guardian records, awards, enrichments and programmes that student participated in.


Subject Assignments

Subject Assignments link to Students and Staff. Only designated staff can amend the relevant results within a designated window period.


Grade Entry

Online and offline methods available for marks/grades entry.


Allocate Multiple Components

Allocate multiple components to subjects. System is able to compute the final overall marks /result based on user-specified pass/fail criteria.


Progress Tracking

Online viewing of Progress Report and Result Slip with option to print result slip.


Analytical Reports

Able to view and export analytical reports (of Exam results) for 3 broad categories; namely Class Analysis, Level Analysis and Student Analysis.

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