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IT Starter

Explore the world of IT through interactive, creative and fun activities


IT Starter for Pre-schoolers equips children with information technology skills by familiarizing them with the use of computers, the internet and MS Office.


  • Provide quality and essential ICT training to pre-schooler

  • Provide opportunity to unlock children's hidden IT talents

  • Impart lifelong learning skills through innovative enterprising programmes

  • Establish and maintain strategic partnership network in the region in creating, applying and transferring ICT knowledge with co-operative partners


  • Essential ICT skills: computer operation, terminology of parts, mouse skills, drawing/ painting tools, internet browsing, e-cards, word-processing, file management etc.

  • Interactive, multimedia, thematic e-learning materials

  • Individual or collaborative group projects generated Microsoft office environment

  • Teaching of ICT technologies such as digital camera, printer and scanner

  • Use of applications such as MS Paint, MS Word and MS Office

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